Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is launching our most progressive and revolutionary economic initiatives this century. This administration has created institutional-level solutions to combat institutional-level challenges.

We will further encourage and equip our members to place key strategies into action to build personal, organizational, and community economic wealth.

Areas of focus

For Members Only TM Credit Union

For Members Only Federal Credit Union will be the FIRST, Black-owned, woman-led, sorority-based, digital banking financial institution in the history of the United States.


Financial Wellness & Planned Giving

Financial wellness and planned giving efforts will assist members with legacy planning supported by expert members and wealth management partners.


Sister Circles

Sister Circles are accountability groups designed to help set and achieve personal savings, investing, and giving goals.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs will focus efforts to promote, celebrate, enhance, reach, raise visibility and offer access for greater revenue-generating opportunities.


Black Dollar Days

Black Dollar Days will be held during the month of June with a focus on leveraging our collective buying power to funnel revenue to Black-owned businesses and brands.

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Kathy Morris

Ms. Morris holds accreditations in the field of finance with over 20 years of service and leadership helping individuals in our community establish a strong financial foundation, secure assets and achieve lasting financial wellness.


Ayanna Whitesides

As Chairman and a certified financial professional, Ms. Whitesides leads a trusted team of financial experts who are committed to assist individuals to elevate their financial stature, to build wealth among families and to build an economic legacy.  

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Angela Lawler

Ms. Lawler is a financial counselor with a heart to help members in our community to develop renewed focus on the dynamics of money in relation to family, friends and individual self-esteem.