Target 4: The Arts!

Chairman: Lakiesha Stanley

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The Arts!

Alpha Kappa Alpha exposes students to arts enrichment and culture by focusing on visual and performing arts, and by showcasing talent through the exploration of writers, entertainers, and various other artists.

Harlem Renaissance

Salute to the Harlem Renaissance will celebrate the contributions of African-American artists during the Harlem Renaissance through student research and chapter sponsorship of student talent showcases. This initiative will correlate with HBCUs and African-American culture and will include colleges with art collections.

Black Arts Movement

Salute to the Black Arts Movement will focus on student research and celebration of African-American artists during the Black Arts Movement. Chapters will champion activities that express the movement message and highlight members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority who served as leaders and participants. Activities will include art events, poetry slams, dancing, painting, and performing arts.

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The beautiful contestants of the Miss Fashionetta enjoyed a wonderful afternoon learning about the Harlem Renaissance while they painted and enjoyed tasty ice cream sundaes. Take a look at their masterpieces!

We Are


Virtual Arts 

Lambda Chi Omega Chapter is excited to announce the winners of the 1st Annual Aloha Excellence Arts Coloring Contest!!! Centehua Cantero from Red Hill Elementary won the Elementary Category and Anyah Johnson from Mililani Tech Park Preschool won the PreSchool Category!! Please give these two wonderful students a round of applause for their hard work and creativity!!!

Look out for the contest to open up soon!

Celebrating Black Artists and Innovators 

Lambda Chi Omega Chapter is committed to continuing the conversation of arts and design. We will continue to lead the pack  by building a platform of African American artists that are contributing to the black arts movement. Paving the way for excellence.